MechChem Africa columnist, Gary i Crawford of Mettle Strategic Creativity, is currently building a new property in Hartbeespoort using only light steel frame construction principles and products. Here he presents some of the innovative products available for those seeking to go beyond the traditional.

Corrugated stainless steel pipe:

Available in some other countries since the 1980s, corrugated stainless steel pipe (CSSP) is now manufactured in South Africa by INOX. CSSP is suitable for most water distribution in residential, commercial and industrial applications. Manufactured from corrosion-resistant 304L and 316L (special order) stainless steel, INOX CSSP is designed to provide reliable and corrosion-free service for extended periods.

CSSP provides a number of advantages when compared with ‘conventional’ pipes, as they are lightweight, flexible, require fewer connections and fittings and are less susceptible to extreme temperature and corrosive environments.

INOX CSSP conforms to SANS 1689 and has been tested rigorously to ensure an extended service life. INOX CSSP can maintain high operational pressures and a wide range of temperatures and is rated at 100 °C and 100 kPa. INOX CSSP is designed to work with brass compression fittings complying with SANS 1067-1.

To my mind, the most important attribute of INOX CSSP is that there are no joints in the piping runs: from the heat pump to faucet, for example – therefore, no leaks, and a definite specification for House Crawford.

Article from Crown Publications

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