Corrugated Stainless Steel Pipes

INOX corrugated stainless steel pipes are purposefully designed for hot and cold WATER SUPPLY applications. INOX CSSP conform to SANS 1689 and have been tested rigorously to ensure an extended service life. Furthermore INOX pipes can maintain high operational pressures and a wide range of temperatures and are rated at 100°C≤ and 1000kPa≤

Flexible Connectors

INOX flexible connectors are used to transfer a wide range of fluids including gaseous fluids, such as air, steam and gases, and liquids, such as water, oils and chemicals. The hoses function for reciprocation of piping systems, absorption of thermal expansion and vibration and centering of piping.

Taps & Valves

INOX modern, corrosion resistant stainless steel tapes and valves.

UV Resistant Pipe Insulation

  • Heat laminated, factory fitted, UV Stable reinforced aluminium foil face.
  • Higher density foam for longevity and durability.
  • Suitable for outdoors and indoors applications.
  • Low installed cost – Maximum energy savings.
  • Available in 1.7Metre Lengths.
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